Debunking the Myth – Why Can’t Messi Score Against Chelsea?


Bigfoot. The Loch Ness Monster. Bloody Mary. King Midas.

They are just some of the world’s most intriguing myths and legends, and still to this day, none of these have been proved or disproved.

However, in the sporting world, there is one myth that has so far stood the test of time: why can’t Lionel Messi score against Chelsea?

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South East Essex Green Party Member Warns of Dangers as Proposed Airport Expansion Gains Momentum

A South East Essex Green Party (SEEGP) member has claimed that a proposed expansion for Southend Airport is not sustainable, and will impact negatively on the area.

James Vessey-Miller, a spokesperson for the environmentally friendly party, also said that an expansion to the airport would not be environmentally responsible.

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The Crucial First Six Weeks

A key figure in student development at the University of Essex has stressed the importance of the first six weeks of a student’s experience at university.

Victoria Frost, the head of Residence Life & student support at the University of Essex, spoke of the crucial first few weeks of a student’s life at university, which can define how a student’s university experience will be shaped, and why the Residence Life programme is so important at the university.

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Stats reveal increase in re-offending rates in juveniles

Sending an individual to prison is designed to rehabilitate them, to help them realise the error of their ways and to set them back on the straight and narrow, as well as act as a punishment. This is especially important with child offenders. However, the latest release of the prisoner reoffending statistics from the Ministry of Justice, suggests that amongst the UK’s children prisoners, not all are learning their lesson. The stats released within the quarterly bulletin in January 2017 have revealed that the amount of reoffending juveniles has seen an increase of over 4% since 2004.

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Dog Laws – The Debate Continues


“It doesn’t seem real that our little Archie Bum has gone to heaven and our little Daniel is in intensive care because of a tragic, tragic incident involving a dog attack.”

So said the parents of four month old Archie Darby, who was killed by their aunts Staffordshire bull terrier-type dog in Colchester in October.


The debate about changes to law regarding dogs have accelerated over the past three years, with an increase in the number of deaths related to dog attacks. While laws have changed substantially, the argument of whether enough has been done to train dogs and prevent further attacks rolls on.

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2016 In Sport: Part 4 – October to December


As we draw our year review to a close, we saw the end of the sporting calendar reach its exciting finale. With heartbreak and triumph galore, we began October with the culmination of the Ryder Cup, as Team Europe battled Team USA.

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2016 In Sport: Part 1 – Jan to March

2016 in sport saw more twists and turns than a maze, and many memories and highlights that will live on for years and years to come. There were so many that it is almost impossible to state them all, so here is a condensed summary of all the major sporting moments from the year 2016.

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